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Professional  Verification  for all your ASIC and FPGA needs 

Inomize is a powerhouse ASIC verification partner. We bring best-in-class ASIC and FPGA professional service company rooted in the verification culture from its inception.


Inomize brings an impressive portfolio of accomplishments in a broad range of ASIC and FPGA advanced design verification, debug, and validation methodologies working with startups and giants in the field of Automotive, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Medical, Defense and Aerospace Industries Worldwide.


The Research and Development team will help you with all your verification needs, from verifying components in your design, end-to-end system verification, testing and validation for both FPGA and pre-silicon fabrication. Our team of experts will define the verification strategy, develop a complete verification specification, test, and cover plans. Utilizing our highly customizable and sophisticated verification environment to create a comprehensive testcase suite to reach full constrained-random functional verification and code coverage, direct corner testing, critical and real-world system scenarios, in addition to gate-level simulations.


Our verification environment is well suited for ASIC verification and has recently been enhanced to target verification of the various FPGA vendors with the same ease and transparency to the verification engineer despite the differences in the tools, underlaying technology and other complexities.


Furthermore, our team in recent years has excelled in upgrading the verification environment to integrate DFT testing with unparalleled ease. Leading the way in full DFT verification solutions that are fast, accurate, and silicon proven.


Inomize has invested in building proprietary verification methodologies complemented by the leading verification vendors in the industry to gain a competitive edge and from a strong commitment  that emanates from our belief that great designs that operate according to specifications are only possible through expert verification. So, whatever your verification needs are, talk to us regarding our verification services in


  • SystemVerilog

  • Specman e-language


  • Mixed signal Verification 

  • Security integration and testing

  • Formal verification and HW acceleration

  • Algorithm implementation verification vs. C, Python, MATLAB/Simulink

  • Fast Processor integration and bring-up based on ARM and ARC solutions

  • DFT verification in the areas of  

    • Memory BIST

    • Logic BIST Verification

    • Scan Verification

    • Boundary Scan

Pre-Silicon design validation using the real system software





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