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Inomize is a member in the TSMC Value Chain Aggregator (VCA) program. A VCA member is an independent design service company working closely with TSMC to assist system companies, ASIC companies and emerging start-up companies to bring their innovation to production.

Inomize provides expert services at each link in the IC value chain, including System Design, IP development, frontend and backend Design, wafer manufacturing, assembly, testing and Supply Chain Management.


Inomize successfully delivers cutting-edge projects in FinFET, mixed signal, RF, BCD and high voltage technologies on time and budget. Our customers are getting the maximum out of any given geometry by pushing the technology to its limits. Inomize is using the latest available tools and practices meeting our customers’ project needs. With years of experience and proactive project management approach, Inomize reduces development time and minimizes risks of complex projects. 


TSMC MPW (Multi Project Wafer) / Block Shuttle services

A regular block shuttle service is offered to all customers to avoid wasting time and cost in verifying their designs. TSMC places several designs from different customers on a single wafer, thus reducing the cost of the mask-set for the customers participating in this process. This smart solution enables getting the functional validation and process compatibility of a variety of IP blocks while reducing the cost of the ASIC production.


TSMC Full Mask – TO (Tape Out) or MLM (Multi-Layer Mask) services  

TSMC world's largest mask making operation is being brought to you by Inomize. TSMC's mask service is the interface between designers and TSMC world-class fabs.


Assembly and Testing Service

Inomize offers its customers state-of-the-art SoC packaging and testing solutions with support from world leading technologies. All package solutions are available - please contact us for more details.


Customer project information/Quote/Extra order/PO Deadline

  • Customer project required information:

    • Process node and metal stack

    • Die size

    • Target TO tapeout date

    • Application

    • Quantities YoY

    • First time user requires/university name and address for TSMC 3-Way-NDA


Special Offer

Inomize offers a wide range of ASIC design services.  Please contact us for more information.  

Email the Sales department

Sample Project

vca -value chain aggregator

VCA -Value Chain Aggregator 

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