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Inomize is proud to provide services and solutions for today’s leading industries and technologies like Automotive, Mobile, Communication, Defense, Security, Industrial and IoT applications. Our years of experience and our engineer’s hundreds of years’ experiences allows us seamlessly to dive into new technologies and industries.


Pre and Post Silicon Software Design

SoC projects need significant software support. SOC development requires intensive Software design at pre and post silicon phases. Simulation, emulation and prototyping are mandatory phases of the SOC development. We offer software support in each one of these phases to guarantee high level of quality and performance.

At Simulation phase we offer the necessary tools to test the concept, as well in emulation phase to emulate the design and the performance. With the first prototypes we offer Software support to operate the SOC, to assure its functionalities and performance.


Embedded Firmware Architectures

Inomize specializes in designing cutting-edge ASICs and systems for a wide range of applications. Our proven methodologies and systematic development process allow us to provide our customers with high quality, first-time-right designs in a short time frame. This requires selecting the most appropriate CPU and RTOS to your project.

  • How to Select CPU/MPU/DSP?

 Inomize gained proven experience in diverse embedded architectures, developing ARM, MIPS, Tensilica, ARC, DSP           and many more. Inomize gives full support of the embedded CPU firmware from booting level to the application                 level.  Inomize supports low-level software functionality as BSP (u-boot, flashing, terminal) and device drivers, which         requires expert level knowledge of the chip structure and processor architecture.  After analyzing customer                         performance, footprint, timing and functionality requirements, Inomize recommends the preferred CPU/MPU/DSP           to achieve the best performance at lower costs.

  • How to Select RTOS?

Choosing a real-time system requires analyzing of many factors like how fast your system must react, how much          memory and disk your SOC can contain, Security and Performance requirements, file system support, TCP/IP and            other network protocols, differing between Hard or Soft RTOS’s, etc. Selecting the appropriate RTOS which fulfils all           the requirements as well as the project budget requires a depth knowledge and experience in the Real Time                      Operating Systems. Inomize accompanies you in the selection of the RTOS and implements it in the SOC.

Inomize has deep experience in the most popular and reliable RTOS as ThreadX, FreeRTOS, MQX, Embedded Linux,          QNX, Android and VxWorks.

Inomize also supports BareMetal OS to achieve high-performance computing with minimal footprint at minimal cost.

Inomize offers the full path of system architecture design, development, verification and accompanies you during the integration on target platform.

Software Development and Applications

  • Boot and Drivers Support

Inomize delivers SoC solutions which are fully proven, provides the firmware and tools which allow booting of the CPU, flashing from external devices and debugging support. Inomize’s experienced Firmware engineers have the capabilities to deal with various CPU’s and provide all the tools to boot, software loading and connecting to Kernel up to the application level.

Inomize provides the required Device drivers firmware to the peripheral devices with a very comprehensive interface (API’s) and documentation.  Examples for these drivers are DMA, USB, I2C, SPI and Low Power Applications Support, as well Inomize has the capabilities to develop device drivers to customer’s any proprietary interface.

  • Applications

Inomize supports various wireless communication protocols, networking protocols and DSP algorithms development and optimization. Inomize has vast knowledge on TCP/IP, 2G/3G/4G/5G, 802.11.a/b/ac/x protocols, by implementing these protocols on your platform, Inomize shortens significantly the development schedule.

In application level, Inomize supports you on various applications like VoIP, DTC, PLC and others. Inomize vast expertise allows to implement the required applications in your platform.

Inomize supports you all the way on the interface’s compliancy certification program.


Tests, Validation and Support

Inomize experienced teams perform Functional / Stress / Performance System test and validation to deliver the best quality product to its customers. The software and hardware are validated in different phases to fulfill high level quality requirements of our customers. Inomize assists the integration phase in customer system and provides debugging tools to achieve the best results. Inomize is ‘your partner’ from the idea phase until the production and final customer deployment phase.

Inomize provides you support and maintenance during the full lifecycle of the product.

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