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Designs for the medical 

Within the medical industry, advanced electronics are finding their way into more applications, from large, high value imaging devices down to smart tags for blood products, surgical packs and implants. Inomize offers a range of ASIC services and systems solutions that can help you optimize your medical device design.

Medical ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) are used in implantable medical devices aimed at providing therapy for several conditions, from pain management through hearing aids and even artificial retina replacement. You can use medical integrated circuits in devices programmed to deliver drugs on a more effective schedule to effectively treat and relieve patient’s conditions with fewer side effects. And because implantable devices need to be small, lightweight, and use minimal amount of power, medical ICs help meeting the necessary requirements for medical device integration.

Inomize’s IC design and production team are aware of requirements targeting medical products and is therefore able to dramatically reduce the risk involved in such an IC product. Our engineers can develop and provide highly integrated single die ASIC solutions combining mix-signal, Analog Front End, RF and digital techniques. Our proven Analog Front End components such as high-speed/high bandwidth ADC and DAC, LNA, PGA and other chain components easily complete medical ASIC development.

The Inomize team, located in UK and Israel, unlocks the complete and perfect mix of design and production services needed to successfully bring your new or existing products into an ASIC product and therefore decrease cost while increasing performance and quality.

Our flexible business model enables us to support you in all phases of ASIC design, production, test and supply chain.


An Artificial retina chip (ASIC) improve the quality of life of blind people. This is done by effectively replacing the natural function of their diseased retina with a sophisticated artificial retina comprising a small custom-made IC.







Custom ASIC

ASIC development can reduce BOM cost by as much as 80% but has historically been reserved for companies who had the high-volume production required to justify the up-front NRE costs.  This has now changed.  The benefits of the ASIC form factor, reliability, environmental robustness, IP protection, functional safety and security of supply now provide the compelling business case required for many applications in the medical and healthcare markets.

Smart healthcare is driving the development of new classes of devices for monitoring and control which reduce waste and increase productivity while also providing cost savings that far outweigh the investment in the underlying technology.

Inomize provides innovative custom digital, analog and mixed signal integrated circuit solutions. We offer custom design ICs for medical devices with low power requirements and small form-factor, both implantable and wearable. 

Inomize is a trusted partner focused on custom ASIC design for medical and healthcare OEMs looking to deliver reliable, leading-edge solutions across a wide range of applications.

Through its systematic and certified development process, Inomize can ensure the quality, safety and long-term reliability for medical ASICs.


                   Inomize integrated intelligence design for healthcare

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