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The fine art of ASIC design often involves finding the optimal balance between three components: Digital, Analog, and RF. The ultimate goal is to merge these functions on a single chip, in accordance with project's requirements (performance, power consumption, and physical size) as well as budgetary limitations.

Inomize team has decades of accumulated expertise in all ASIC/SoC development stages: design, verification, production, validation, and testing. This know-how allows Inomize to guarantee Inomize customers a flawless move from a concept to a product.


At Inomize, we offer Turnkey Analog, RF, and Mixed-Signal services. We deliver high quality mixed signal ASIC designs while significantly reducing development risk, cost, and time-to-market.  





analog digital RF mixed signal




Mixed Signal, RF & Power  

Our excellence in the field backed by the caliber and experience of our people has made Inomize the preferred partners for some of the leading semiconductor manufacturers worldwide.


Inomize Mixed Signal Designs projects extend across various applications including, but not limited to: medical, cellular, wireless and wireline broadband, audio and a wide range of other applications.


Our Portfolio includes: 

  • DACs

  • ADCs (SAR, sigma-delta, pipeline)

  • Sub 1GHz RF transceivers

  • Customized IO’s

  • Laser drivers by specification

  • Custom Analog /mixed-signal systems on a chip

  • Highly complex and sophisticated Power Management Unit

  • PLL’s, SerDes and CDR’s

  • LDO, DC2DC (buck, boost and buck/boost, POR, BG, Power Switch, etc.

  • Accurate Oscillators with PVT Compensation

  • High Speed PAs

  • High power Line driver

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