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Inomize specializes in designing cutting-edge ASICs and systems for a wide range of applications. Our proven methodologies and systematic development process allow us to provide our customers with high quality, first-time-right designs in a short time frame.


Decades of experience and domain-specific expertise in ASIC, system and HW development, enable us to provide comprehensive, turnkey hardware solutions designed to support the development process from concept to completion. This approach significantly reduces development time and saves you the hassle of dealing with multiple contractors and vendors.

Inomize utilizes modern verification methods such as the Universal Verification Methodology (UVM) standard; developed by Accellera's Verification IP (VIP) Technical Subcommittee (TSC). The UVM standard methodology improves design and verification efficiency, verification data portability and VIP interoperability.


turnkey asic and ic design


ASIC design involves various complex factors such as foundry process technology, IP design and integration, EDA tools, design methodologies, physical design, design for testing, package design, and product engineering.

During the design process, we focus on finding the optimal balance between forming the appropriate working process, power and performance capabilities for your specific device.

At Inomize, we are specialized in designing products that are simple for testing and suitable for high volume production.

Our design, testing, packaging and process engineering teams, work closely together throughout the development process to ensure a smooth transition from design phase to manufacturing. Inomize's holistic approach guarantees that our customers receive complete, highest quality, first time right ASIC solutions, designed in the least time with minimum development costs.

Design constrains
the challenge

Turnkey ASIC Design The challenge


Turnkey ASIC Design Benefits

Turnkey ASIC Design Benefits

Dozens of years of experience and a proven record of excellence in leading hundreds chip-set development projects.

A proven record of accomplishment in successfully delivering ASIC projects in the least time.

Our highly qualified teams implement field-proven methodologies and development process in every project.

Inomize provides a one-stop-shop for all of your hardware development needs.

Extensive experience in the architecture of complex systems including digital, analog and RF systems. At Inomize, we push technology to the limits every day.

You gain a complete R&D team with the caliber and highest levels of excellence in all areas of service from architecture, algorithms, design, verification, and P&R phase to production.

Performance expectations of portable electronic devices and battery runtime are constantly in a state of conflict. In addition, energy regulations and global green trends keep pushing towards lower power consumption in main-power applications. Therefore, integrated circuit (IC) designers are always seeking ways to reduce power consumption, especially in lower process nodes. Ingenious techniques, such as power management systems, voltage domains, and power islands, are gaining wider acceptance in the field. 

Inomize provides a wide selection of high-end low-power solutions to multiple different market segments. In each project, we aim for an optimal balance between power, performance, and footprint.


  • Portable (rechargeable)

  • Mobile and ultra-low power (rechargeable)

  • Long-life, battery operated (battery replacement after many years)

  • Single-battery, lifetime operated


low power isic

Turnkey ASIC Design  Low Power ASIC

system cost reduction

Turnkey ASIC Design  System Cost Reduction

Turnkey ASIC Design  System Cost Reduction

Preliminary study and establish requirements

Determine the level of cost savings that can be achieved with an ASIC development, NRE and RE Cost

Choose the best process, device architectures, 3rd party IP

Estimate Die Size and development schedule

Prepare the request for quotation based on the previous study

  • Review block diagram

  • ASIC/SOC specification

  • Architecture and algorithmic documents

  • Packaging requirements

  • Test requirements

  • Schedule

  • Critical circuits design

  • ASIC floor plan

  • Built-In Test features

  • Design verification algorithmic work

  • Integration of RF

  • Analog and digital circuitry

  • Simulate over temperature and voltage

  • Complete Design Rule Checks (DRC's)

  • Complete Layout Vs. Schematic (LVS)

  • Prepare test plans

Prepare the request for quotation based on the previous study

Mask Fabrication, Silicon Fabrication

Prototype Test Program Preliminary Production Test Program

  • ASIC performance vs. Specification

  • Reliability testing review 

  • Yield analysis review

  • Proceed to production

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