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Graduate of Electrical Engineering / Computer Science / Physics / Economics or Practical Engineer for a unique training course in the field of hardware development



Inomize-Verisense a chip development company will provide a unique 3-month training course in the field of Design and Verification. Graduates who complete the course successfully and subject to the company's needs at the time will be able to become employees and integrate into a variety of leading and advanced hardware development positions in the high-tech market.

The course will take place at the company's offices in Netanya and will demand availability of 9 hours per day during 5 days per week. The work is suitable for residents of the central and northern regions.

Participation in the course is a nominal fee of NIS 4,000. A graduate who successfully completes the course and will work in our company will receive the full amount back after three months of work.



Education: B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering / Computers / Physics / Economics or Practical Engineering (minimum score 85)

Also suitable for a discharged soldier who is a graduate of a technological unit within the framework of his military service

Technology-oriented persons that are attracted to hardware development

With a high level of learning ability and a desire to integrate into one of the hottest fields in the semiconductor industry

Ability to work in a dynamic work environment

High-level English.


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