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Inomize is selected to develop and supply HP Indigo next generation ASIC for Digital Press

Inomize, a world leader of ASIC design services was selected by HP Indigo to develop an ASIC solution for their next generation of high-resolution industrial presses.

Inomize analog experts design will grant HP Indigo higher presses resolution than any other available commercial solution. Inomize team applied a new innovative architecture of mixed Analog-digital design to enable ultra-high end finae resolution. The solution utilizes latest design approaches and methodologies to enable cutting-edge press capabilities.

It also involves an innovative high-density assembly approach that will enable the densest available pressing solution.

Inomize operations team will manage and execute the full supply chain for the ASIC.

"Inomize is proud to partner with HP Indigo for this project,” said Udi Shaked, Inomize CEO. “The unique set of skills and know-how of Inomize Analog Design team is once again recognized by the industry as best-in-class. Inomize and HP Indigo engineers had architecture a cutting-edge solution that will reinforce HP Indigo dominant market position to the benefits of its customers”.

“HP Indigo had selected Inomize to partner within this project after a long detailed due diligence process. We were impressed by the quality of work and commitment of the team, as well as by their fresh approach to supporting HP Indigo technology leadership” said Golan Landsberg, HP Indigo Next Gen. Platform Manager.

About Inomize:

Inomize is a professional Research & Development firm specializing in the design and delivery of hardware solutions. Inomize offers a wide range of services tailored to meet your project needs and product constraints in terms of cost, performance and power consumption.

Inomize successfully delivers ambitious projects on time and on budget. Inomize gets the maximum out of the available technology and, when necessary, push it to the limits using the latest advancements to meet customer’s project needs. With years of experience and a proactive project management approach, Inomize reduces development time and minimizes risks of complex hardware design projects. Established in 2007, Inomize is a fast-growing company and one of the largest ASIC design firms in Israel. Among Inomize’s customers are large international corporations and startup companies from Israel, Europe and North America.

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Press contact:

David Wolf

VP Business Development

Inomize Ltd.

Phone: +972-72-277-5403

Mobile: +972-54-468-4448

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