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Inomize aiding the visually impaired to see

Inomize, a leading provider of turnkey ASIC design solutions, announced today it has been selected to support Nano-Retina in the design of their new bionic retina ASICs.

Inomize was selected by a Nano-Retina to lead the development of their Bio-Retina, a bionic retina designed for revolutionary sight restoration to those suffering from retinal degenerative diseases like AMD. Inomize was responsible for the analog design, verification, and back-end work. The Nano Retina solution is built from 2 ASIC components: The first one used as a CMOS Image Sensor and generate the module voltages from a photo voltaic cell and the second one as responsible for signal possessing and signal amplifying and transmitting to the retina. All parts are working at sub threshold technology.

Bio-Retina incorporates various nano-size components in one tiny implant, approximating the size of a child’s fingernail bed. Its simple implant procedure requires local anaesthesia, a small incision and positioning of the device to the degenerated retina. Recovery time is estimated at up to one week and sight can be restored and provide functional vision after training.

Udi Shaked, Inomize CEO said that this was a challenging project, that perfectly suits the Inomize broad portfolio of ASIC capabilities like analog, system design and verification. Yaakov Milstain, NanoRetina’s CEO: “ We selected Inomize after being convinced that they are the most suitable partner for such an interdisciplinary ASIC work

Inomize is a leading provider of turnkey ASIC and SoC designs and specializes in managing complex ASIC projects. Inomize’ services includes system definition, architecture, algorithm, digital, verification, analog mixed signal, RF, synthesis backend, manufacturing and silicon validation. Inomize’ comprehensive expertise in semiconductors covers advanced CPU subsystems, a variety of modems (wireless and wire-line), video and imaging.

About Inomize

Inomize is a professional Research & Development firm specializing in the design and delivery of hardware solutions. Inomize offers a wide range of services tailored to meet your project needs and product constraints in terms of cost, performance and power consumption.

Inomize successfully delivers ambitious projects on time and on budget. Inomize gets the maximum out of the available technology and, when necessary, pushes it to the limit using the latest advancements to meet the customer’s project needs. With years of experience and a proactive project management approach, Inomize reduces development time and minimize risks of complex hardware design projects. Established in 2007, Inomize is a fast-growing company and the largest ASIC design firm in Israel. Among Inomize’s customers are large international corporations and startup companies from Israel, Europe and North America. Find out more about Inomize at

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