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Inomize to develop the industry’s most advanced dual-interface multi-standard, power efficient Smart

Inomize, a leading provider of turnkey ASIC design solutions, announced today it had delivered an advanced dual interface (PLC and Wireless) multi standard modem and SoC solution to Mobix/IOTIVE, an advanced metering infrastructure market leader.

Inomize was responsible for delivering a single chip SoC solution. This is a single die ASIC combining RF, PLC, Power Management Unit, 8 hardware based communication modems and an embedded processor with DSP capabilities. The entire design including specification, architecture, algorithm, RTL design, verification, RF, PLC, analog and GDS2 was completed in 12 months.

Mobix/IOTIVE’s Tamar™ product is a multi-protocol SoC (System on Chip), which enables robust hybrid-mesh network communications for Advanced Metering Infrastructure applications.

Tamar™ SoC implements a highly reliable, field proven, cost-effective, 2-way dual PLC and RF mesh network giving Mobix/IOTIVE’ customers major unparalleled performance.

Tamar™ is changing the industry by fusing both PLC and RF capabilities into a single, hybrid and unified network on a single ASIC. Embedding the n-DNet™ technology in an ASIC offers the AMI market significant additional advantages:

  • Cost reduction (replacing 3 ICs, foot print, ease of integration)

  • Performance (Silicon level synchronization, low power consumption, higher throughput)

  • Security (Complete AMI data protection)

  • Low Power (15 years operation with one battery)

About Inomize

Inomize is a professional Research & Development firm specializing in the design and delivery of hardware solutions. Inomize offers a wide range of services tailored to meet your project needs and product constraints in terms of cost, performance and power consumption.

Inomize successfully delivers ambitious projects on time and on budget. Inomize gets the maximum out of the available technology and, when necessary, pushes it to the limit using the latest advancements to meet the customer’s project needs. With years of experience and a proactive project management approach, Inomize reduces development time and minimize risks of complex hardware design projects. Established in 2007, Inomize is a fast-growing company and the largest ASIC design firm in Israel. Among Inomize’s customers are large international corporations and startup companies from Israel, Europe and North America. Find out more about Inomize at

About Mobix/IOTIVE

Mobix Wireless Solutions was established in 2004, and have been developing Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) technology for Electricity, Water and Gas meters ever since. MobixChip, a subsidiary of Mobix has been established in 2011 and is developing and marketing the Tamar™ System on Chip.

Mobix advanced solutions include all the required functionality for running and managing a full metering control system, load balancing of electricity demand, disconnect of water and gas supply by remote and support of additional capabilities such as prepayment systems. Mobix supplies AMI solutions for tens of thousands of customers all over the World. (


David Wolf

VP Business Development

Inomize Ltd.

43 Hamelacha Street,

Netanya 4250573;


Phone: +972-72-277-5403

Mobile: +972-54-468-4448



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