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  • Is your prototype FPGA design ready and you want to move to mass production?

  • Are you seeking assistance in migrating from FPGA design to a production ready ASIC?

  • Did you encounter an EOL (End of Life) product (either ASIC or FPGA) which your design is based on?

  • Do you need to replacement and it hard to find?

Developing an ASIC is a complex process which requires many skills and experience. Selecting a partner for an ASIC manufacturing is a critical decision in a company course of life, since some mistakes may cost many thousands of dollars to remanufacture.

Why migrating from FPGA to an ASIC?

Reducing BOM cost (see a simple example below), reducing power consumption, reducing physical solution size, increasing performance, controlling your product future, implementing relevant components in the product, implementing more than one component into a single ASIC solution.

Other reasons for ASIC implementations may be ASIC end of life (ASIC to ASIC) while keeping the same pin location, implementing several ASICs to a single ASIC, migrating old technology ASIC to a new technology ASIC and many more.

A simple BOM cost reduction calculation:

  • FPGA cost-  ~$50

  • Amount of systems with FPGA – 100,000 units

  • Total FPGA cost: $50 * 100,000 = $5,000,000

  • Mass production ASIC Cost - ~3$

  • Amount of systems with ASIC – 100,000 units

  • Total ASIC cost: $3 * 100,000 = $300,000

  • NRE cost (design, verification and production cost): even with a cost of $3,000,000, the total cost is much less than using FPGA

Harness Inomize’s vast experience of many years in implementing ASICs and designing complex FPGAs to your needs and get results in a different level of quality. Inomize is a partner for life from requirements stage all the way to your working ASIC or FPGA.

Customer project required information:

  • Target application and market

  • Block diagram

  • Specification or datasheet

  • FPGA utilization report

  • Memory list and type

  • Clock tree schematics

  • Package and IO requirements

  • Testability requirements (scan, mBIST, JTAG, Lbist ect.)

  • Qualification requirements

  • Other special requirements

  • Analog IP’s like ADC, DAC, PLL IO’s, SerDes etc. and 3rd party IP’s like PLL, IO’s, SerDes, LP/DDRx, CPU/DSP etc.

  • High speed interface and 3rd party IP’s like, LP/DDRx, CPU/DSP USB etc

  • Target TO (Tape-out) date

  • Quantities YoY (year over year)

  • First time user requires/university name and address for TSMC 3-Way-NDA

Special Offer

Inomize offers a wide range of ASIC design services.  Please contact us for more information.  

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