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BCD (BIPOLAR-CMOS-DMOS) is a key technology for power ICs. BCD is typically used to make products where high power or voltage ideally needs to be controlled by a digital controller BCD technology incorporates analog components (Bipolar), digital components (CMOS) and high-voltage transistors (DMOS) on the same die, and hence the name.

This combination of technologies brings many advantages: Improved reliability, reduced electromagnetic interference and smaller chip area. BCD has been widely adopted and continuously improved to address a broad range of products and applications in the fields of power management, analog data acquisition and power actuators.

bcd cmos dmos

This technology also enables the implementation of passive components into the design. The integrated passive component options include high voltage bipolar, high voltage, high precision capacitors, high resistance poly and Zener diodes to reduce external passive component count and significantly reduce circuit board area.

For BCD technologies, the lithographic technology node is not the main innovation driver.

Silicon-on-insulator substrates, thick metal layers, the addition of passive elements,

and other factors increase the performance and the value more significantly than lithography.

BCD technologies feature a voltage spectrum running from 12V to 800V to support multiple LED applications including LCD flat panel display backlighting, LED displays, general lighting, automotive lighting, power management ICs and other power applications.

180nm and 130nm BCD technologies are a sweet spot for Power Management IC (PMICs) targeting the mobile and automotive market.

bipolar analog

Automotive demand for high performance BCD is on the rise to support both the increasing number of electronics and the need to extend battery life and to improve fuel efficiency. High power low-rON discrete BCD device also shortens battery-charging time. BCD technologies can support >800V HV devices that support 12V battery automotive power system.

Inomize gained expertise in BCD design. Several BCD projects were done with Inomize experienced Analog team; an experience which spans over 20 years in average per engineer.

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