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A system on chip (ASIC or SOC) is an integrated circuit (IC) that integrates all components of an electronic system into a single chip. This chip may contain a wide variety of functions such as digital, analog, mixed-signal, and radio frequency.


At Inomize, we specialize in providing right-first-time complex and multi-functionality ASIC solutions. We use our multidisciplinary System on Chip (SoC) expertise, and mixed-signal knowledge to design optimal architecture solutions for each of our customers' device.

Our excellent record in System IC design includes:


  • Wireless and wire-line communication

  • Networking

  • Image processing

  • Low power

  • Automotive

  • More


Inomize offers a complete continuity operation from Architecture phase to Design and Verification. This approach allows us to deliver right-first-time silicon chip to our customers worldwide.  



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