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Inomize is your professional partner
for all of your ASIC needs


From Ideas, Architecture, Algorithms, Design, Verification, DFT, P&R, Backend, Analog,

RF, High-speed convertors, Packaging, Testing, Software and Q&R all the way to production.

      Proven production success stories in Automotive, AI, Communication

Medical, Industrial, Space and Aviation markets.

Inomize is a professional Research & Development company specializing in ASIC design and manufacturing of hardware and software solutions for OEMs & ODMs.

The company enables the customer to get the maximum out of any given technology by pushing the technology to its limits, using the latest available tools IPs, and practices to meet the customer’s project needs.

Inomize has R&D offices both in Israel and the UK. The company is a leading worldwide vendor providing Analog IC, Digital mixed signal ASIC, FPGA and system design services to its international customers.

Inomize successfully delivers cutting-edge projects in communication, artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), machine learning (ML), automotive, industrial, IoT, space and aviation, high performance computing, networking, video, radar, lidar, communication modem, medical and consumer markets.

All services and products delivered by Inomize are fully supported by leading software packages facilitating their integration into customer products and shortening customer's development schedule.

Inomize's unique advantage is in the understanding of the overall technical system requirements, target market and limitations, paving the way to the best in class ASIC.

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